Friday rolled around and I still wasn't mentally ready-- Young Life leader weekend was only a few hours away, and at the time, 48 hours seemed a great deal to devote. I was tired and I was stressed, and that's exactly why I had to go. 

The weekend was one focused on our faith more so than what we do, more on taking care of ourselves than troubles not our own. I left lacking sleep, with reminders of a forgotten vitality: rest

Saturday morning there was time carved out to spend with the Lord; I stumbled upon an excerpt from Jan Karon's A Home in Mitford, a conversation between a wise rector and a burnt out preacher.

"Are you resting?"
"Resting. Sometimes we get so worn out with being useful that we get useless."

My eyes scanned the page over and over until the dialogue became mine and God's. Oh the loving discipline, pleading me to rest. Not to sleep more, but to slow down. 

As crystal clear as the concept had become, another layer of fog faded- rest. res. re.


Re: it means "again", "to go back". Two letters known for beginning big words, two letters of the utmost importance, two letters that should weigh down our prayers regarding souls.

Replenish, rejuvenate, revive, return, revitalize, refill, realign, renew, rebuild, restore, rest.

In a sense, all the words above echo each other's meaning-- to go back to life, to have life again, to go back to YOU, to have YOU again. These words signify capturing what was once ours, (rest)oration of our original state, of who we were made to be.

Re allows strays to find the path again. Re fills the gap between useless and useful. Re is a gift outstretched in our Father's hand- free for the taking. 

(photo by Hunter Burgess; NC 2013)