signs of arrival

I stepped outside in Kennesaw this morning, arms outstretched immediately as the crisp, autumn air whirled around me. To be honest, I forgot what it felt like. Fall is here! Colors aren't showing yet, but I can feel their impending arrival. 

Sunday afternoons seem magnetic, beckoning, "slow down, stay put." So I drove to Woodstock, a little Georgia railroad town fifteen minutes down the road. I look outside the coffee shop window as I write. Boys are throwing football on the lawn, families are gathered 'round a table of tacos outside, laughing together. Leaves are beginning to swirl through the air while dads and daughters walk hand in hand. This is how it ought to be.

Something about this season makes me come alive! It makes me want to hunger & thirst for more of the Father's love. May that love come quietly in blazing color, riding atop the breeze. And may it command our attention and reverence. As the foliage chooses boldness, may we follow suit.  


I penned this while constructing a new selection of songs (shocker, right?). All compiled this morning, inspired by the first signs of autumn's arrival. If you'd like to listen, and I hope you do, click right here!

To bolder leaves, braver lives.

- L.