wildcards: for erin


From the day this website was created, Erin's been supporting me. She was the first to send me a funny comment via the contact page and has been so integral in spurring me on to keep writing. On the very first day, Erin jokingly asked me to write her a blog post for her birthday. Little did she know, I've been brainstorming ever since. So, Erin: this is in celebration of you. Thanks for being a part of my life and letting me be a part of yours.

Wildcard: I think it translates into being unpredictable, which rings positive in my mind. As long as it doesn't become "unreliable". Being able to surprise people keeps things interesting, it keeps the laugh lines fresh, and unpredictable tends to mean remarkable in lots of cases. Yet, having aspects that are constant and true are a necessity. I like knowing my best friends' closets like the back of my hand because I've worn half the clothes and I like to know a few of the jokes they're going to make before the words leave their lips. Unpredictable is almost like vanilla extract- an ingredient used in small doses, yet still makes a noticeable difference for the better.

And I think another trait wild cards possess is their knack of intriguing others without lifting a finger. Just by going about their lives, people want to know more. They want to look past the title page, into the depths until they reach the end. And they want to know the thoughts behind every chapter, every paragraph, every sentence. Some wildcards are even mysterious in a way, others are open. Both have lots and lots of layers, so that no amount of broadcasting could reach the innermost parts.

Wildcards are worth getting to know. They're worth fighting for. Each layer is worth peeling back. I have the privilege of knowing a few, and Erin, you're one of the best of 'em. Thank you for sharing your life with me, for doing the most unexpected, silly things 'til I've used all my breaths on laughter, for delivering the honesty I need and don't want. Happy birthday, friend; I love you the most.