you matter

I love how the earth turns and the clouds move. And I love that we're able to feel so small and so significant at the same time. 

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This world would be in trouble if I ran it. I also have to believe it would be in trouble if I weren't here. What I do matters. My life matters.



Those words up there? They're for you, too. We're all called to do something. Maybe a few somethings. All of them valuable. 

Don't think you are? Don't know what it is? Ask. Ask your friends what they see in you, the good things and the gifts. If you forget, ask them to tell you again. And when they forget, be their reminder.

Kind words can change the world. Believe that. Keep on saying them, keep on writing them.

I wrote this for myself, but this is bigger than me. I felt these words were important. Important enough to share my new site with the world before I planned to. 

If you're reading this, welcome to I'm glad you're here!

More to come soon!