For about 18 months, I documented my life by taking a photo a day on a point-and-shoot film camera i bought at an estate sale. So, roughly a roll of film a month. This began from a place of my main creative outlet (writing) becoming more of a job. I needed a hobby, something without deadlines and pressure. It was simple— no control over the photo, no strict rules. If I took two photos in a day, it was ok. If I missed a day, that was ok too. The point wasn’t to take good photos; the point was to have fun.

Year 1, the project changed the way I went about my day and how I pay attention. Year 2, I was ready to expand and learn more— I used a different camera and film stock every month. My photos changed as I experimented, and then I really did want to take good photos. I’d found a groove, I’d fallen in love with point and shoot film, and I wanted to do it more and more. So I did.

Here you can access Years 1 + 2 of that project: