spring sixteen.

wow! didn't realize it's been nearly a year since i've shared a playlist on here. i've still been making them over on spotify, i just honestly haven't felt like i've had any creatively out-of-the-box things to share on my site these last several months. 

but spring is uncannily good at renewal. the older i get, the more i seem to feel a deep gratitude for this time of year. the songs i listen to have a lot to do with it too. so, i put together some songs for you! 

introducing: SPRING SIXTEEN. two playlists, 16 songs each, completely different vibes. the especially fun part about making these was getting to feature some friends, friends of friends, and songs showed to me by people i love. we become a sum of who we spend our time with, and we can create better things when we do it together. these playlists are a repetitive reminder of that.

listen + enjoy!

- L

spring again

And so spring begins again, slowly, still teasing its arrival. Red birds and butterflies circle the skies. Pink blossoms pop up all around. The season's warmth + colors are 'stronger and deeper than time', to borrow a few words from Patty Griffin's Ohio

If you’re patient, this playlist sounds both anthemic and a little nostalgic. There are sounds for sunny days and night drives and warm rain. As always, I did my best to capture the windows-down-freedom-feeling, and i think i did ok. Enjoy spring again

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MIDWINTER: songs to get you through 'til spring. Listen here!

photo: Frying Pan Tower // Blue Ridge Pkwy, NC

photo: Frying Pan Tower // Blue Ridge Pkwy, NC

beginning: Prelude - Raining Jane. 'all the love we have is all the love we need.'

for noticeable sunshine: We Sink -- Left With The Wolves

notable tracks:

South - Hippo Campus. These guys are young and energetic, with songs that sound bold and anthemic. This one feels like driving through thick fog into the Blue.

Sleep Alone - Black Coast. This song is painstakingly honest about what it feels like to be alone. It's also a JAM.

the transition: Another Life -- Ditchdigger

notable tracks:

Nineties - Michigander. This song was made for night drives, I'm convinced. I feel it all too literally; driving past a 7-11 and neon signs is a familiar scene for me. Its been a good companion during our country's turmoil and chaos. 

Shelby avenue - Marit Larsen. I adore most everything Larsen creates, and this is no different. This song was part of her two-EP tribute to Joni Mitchell, soft and sure.

Ditchdigger - Tyler Lyle. This is track 1 from his latest record; I loved it infinitely more after reading about the writing process. To me, it's a poetic motivator to move forward anyway. You can read about the creation of the album here!

for bleak and grey: Shroud -- Love More

notable tracks (there's a lot oops):

Five Senses - Violents. First of all, Violents is an incredible project. Jeremy Larsen is an absolute genius who writes every lyric and plays every instrument you hear, and then finds a female vocalist to bring his songs to life. Five Senses comes from my favorite collection of his songs; no wonder- Olga Yagolnikov's (of Kye Kye) voice is liquid gold. The lyrics read like a best-written poem.

Newport - Soren Bryce. This is my favorite track on the entire playlist. It's raw and beautiful and I can't quite stop listening. I'm not sure how to articulate how much I love this one yet. Everyone should hear this. 

Somebody to Anybody - Margaret Glaspy. When Emotions and Math dropped this summer, I barely listened to anything else. This song emerged as a favorite of mine just recently, but it's badass electric just like the rest of the record. Also, I think it could seamlessly fit into Greys Anatomy's music rotation circa seasons 1-5.

England - The National. When I'm feeling a lot or when rain's pelting the sidewalk, this album is usually my go-to. It'll drive you to dream of visiting England and walking its grey streets.

The Woods - Daughter. This song makes me think of hiking alone, of lightly urgent tranquility. Her voice is both hushed and steady, pairing well with the perfect slide of fingers across frets that accompany.

No Me, No You, No More / Let Me Down - The Staves. These two are meant to be listened to in tandem, for one flows into the other. This record (If I Was) has been my top-played for months; you can feel Justin Vernon's fingerprints on each track. And there's truly nothing like sister-harmonies.

Love More - Sharon van Etten. I was hesitant to include this track, as it takes determination to listen and fall in love with it. Regardless of the content, I hear, subtly, truth: walking through the fire makes you better.

coda: Patience & Better Days. Take heart; for spring is coming! 


summer forever

Full trees, vibrantly green in the face of blazing humidity. Extended sunlight and lightning-bug-littered alleyways. Popsicles melting in hands as thousands of ears listen in unison to band after band. Windblown hair on late-night rides: downhill-bound ripstick or car windows rolled down.

These days are wide-open and free and right. And maybe I'm biased, but they might just be best spent in Nashville, TN. Welcome home, Summer!

45 songs: a bit eclectic, but eclectic feels right. If there's anything I believe about music, it's that it sharpens memories and advocates for togetherness. Seasonal soundtracks are the very best kind, too! Listen & follow along here :)

- L

spring's green

This past summer I bought my first book of poetry, by e.e. cummings. He wrote a bunch of poems about springtime, a season tinged with joy and childhood memories of spending time at Joy Farms. Three seasons after reading those words, it's finally coming back: spring! I've never been more glad for an arrival.

The quick, pink blossoms on the Jane Magnolias signal green to grace tree branches once more. People flood outdoors by the masses; the grass looks greener, the sky bluer. And the symbolism of it all! The Lord will never not keep his word.

So raise your phones and blast these songs on loud. Spring's here again! (follow)


Spring comes(no-
asks his name)

a mender
of things

with eager


ing remaking what
-wise we should
thrown a-

way(and whose

-bright flower-
soft bird
-quick voice loves

and sunlight and

mountains)in april(but
if he should

nobody’ll know
— e.e. cummings