spring sixteen.

wow! didn't realize it's been nearly a year since i've shared a playlist on here. i've still been making them over on spotify, i just honestly haven't felt like i've had any creatively out-of-the-box things to share on my site these last several months. 

but spring is uncannily good at renewal. the older i get, the more i seem to feel a deep gratitude for this time of year. the songs i listen to have a lot to do with it too. so, i put together some songs for you! 

introducing: SPRING SIXTEEN. two playlists, 16 songs each, completely different vibes. the especially fun part about making these was getting to feature some friends, friends of friends, and songs showed to me by people i love. we become a sum of who we spend our time with, and we can create better things when we do it together. these playlists are a repetitive reminder of that.

listen + enjoy!

- L