MARCH, a conclusion.

march made me tired— but the end held the finish line for an old routine. i quit one of my jobs, went to maine with some friends, and geared up for something new. in a way march felt like more of the same. i’d hoped for creative excitement, but that isn’t quite what i got. the time changed, the sun came out, and i felt a little more like me again.

i also decided that march is my last month taking “a photo a day.” this project has meant so much to me, and has been more consistent than anything else in my life this last year and eight months. these days i’m testing more cameras and film stocks, shooting for some clients, and also starting to develop film myself. i don’t want to take a photo a day. i want to take as many photos as i want to! i’m bending my own rules and it feels good.

here’s to continual reflection, in whatever shape it takes next!