november lingered. there were days i loved- many of them were spent traveling down the east coast with my friend, Jess. there were days i didn't love, but chose to take photos anyway. i listened to a lot of Lorde and Phoebe Bridgers. i ate a lot of soup from Dozen. 

there are unexplainable black borders on a lot of these shots, masking the top and bottom half of the photographs. and two dichotomous moments didn't make it through development: one was serendipitously running into a friend, Annie, in a crowded coffee shop. we got to talk about doubt when i needed it. the other was angstily taking out the trash with my friend, Lauren. both of these were healing in their own way, and i'm glad i've at least still got their memory. 

november was ushered in by a solo night with Bon Iver, and it was ushered out by seeing Julien Baker, surrounded by friends. in the end, i am glad for all of it.

- L