colors, cascades

Autumn's a celebration of another year under our belts; hardships, triumphs, and all. It's a time to drop our baggage in exchange for vibrant color. It's a time to make time: to take a detour on the Blue Ridge Parkway, to tell a friend you love them, to drink more hot chocolate, to dance anyway.

This playlist is for exactly that. To instigate those moments, to play on the long mountainy drives, to fill the silence when voices are hoarse from cheering on your team.

Just as the leaves let themselves be changed this season, let's allow ourselves to be changed, too.

"...the sunlight is a canvas of 16 mm film, faded with nostalgia and diminished in its cycle. Somewhere, high-schoolers are slamming into each other in oversized shoulder pads. Somewhere, someone is falling in love."

                                                                                    - Noah Gundersen