winter (hope)

Seasons. They're such a beautiful process. The scenery changes, as does the weather, the customs. As far as favorites go, winter's not mine, but I am glad for it all the same.

Admittedly, I've been working on this compilation since mid-September. More than three months of intermittent thought, many of those days marked with struggle. One day I remember waking up for class, wondering where Hope had gone. I remembered from two years back, 'Blue Skies' by Noah & the Whale.

I needed hope when there was none; I like to think winter trees do too. Barren and cold, tirelessly waiting for spring's green, knowing the months of absence makes the green greener.

So, winter's chosen sound: hope's transition from without to with. Soft, sometimes sad, with staccato bits of magic.

I hope it's cold enough to enjoy!



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