the best of:


My senior year in high school, I visited Nashville for the first time. I went to tour Belmont, with the intent of possibly enrolling. While in Nashville, much to my surprise, the Lord clearly told me that Clemson was the school for me (a story for another time). But a big part of how he revealed that to me was my chance to attend two Tin Pan South shows, where songwriters sit in a row, singing and explaining one song they wrote at a time, going down the line, and repeating the process. Thus, the inspiration for the layout of this compilation of tracks:

This playlist was breathed into life during a time of accumulation: both of new artists/sounds and papers due. Turns out, those two make a perfect pair of puzzle pieces clicking into place. Lately I've loved listening by whole album. Overwhelming at times, but worth it to hear the collective story being told by the singer and/or songwriter. As a tribute to these records/EPs, I've chosen (in my opinion), the two best tracks from each, formatted as if they all stood in one long line, played, and repeated the pattern. Hopefully these snippets will send you chasing after the rest of the stories each record holds!

P.S. The three song coda at the end might seem a little irrelevant… and it is. I just couldn't help it!

P.P.S. also two songs were from my local files, and apparently can't be shared: Open the Gates and Daydreaming from Cody Fry's Audio:Cinema; they're worth listening!