travelin' (TX/TN)

As an avid day trip adventurer, I've made lots of mini travel playlists, but this one's kicking it up a notch. In light of my upcoming weekend jaunts to College Station, TX and Nashville, TN, I've compiled some of my ideal traveling music, perfect for both wandering and coming home, for top-of-your-lungs car concerts, or lazy layover naps. There's a little description of each half below. Enjoy, friends!

1-43: These tracks paint a getaway- starting off with the introspectiveSay Anything, the relief of home in the rearview. Quickly it transitions into a dance party and a desire to go anywhere at all; it even resonates with running away. There's excitement in crossing State Lines, the restlessness and the unmistakeable freedom. They're good for the combined leaving and returning home better than you left.

44-76: These tracks beckon the hope of somewhere new to heighten, and the pure sweetness of strange cities and hometowns. They'll be with you as you write and learn, as you drive and ride, and if you're lucky, they might even freeze time for a moment. 

* unlisted tracks (local files): 

Blank Space/Style - Louisa Wendorff & Devin Dawson

Maps - The Fray