to spring

F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote that "life starts over when it gets crisp in the fall." It's March: the warmth and the green are taking back what's theirs and it makes me think Fitzgerald was mistaken.

Autumn is more like the final farewell bash. All the colors show up and show out before their winter getaway. But spring: spring is when it all begins again. It's when we dance because life is so, so full. 

This playlist began weeks ago as a jumbled, eclectic mess. Actually, I think it still is. It's a mess that embodies the redemptive renewal of spring and the last shreds of winter, revival and dancing. It's for blades of grass underneath bare feet and open sunroofs and singing loud- so turn up the volume and roll down yo windows!

p.s. special shout out to friends who listen to good music, that both knowingly [and unknowingly] contributed to this- y'all tha real MVPs.