summer sounds

This is summer. Upbeat and a little boisterous, slow and humid days seemingly frozen in time, the backdrops and the forefronts of every moment this season's got to offer. It took awhile to make this; I didn't think the sounds were colliding right. They weren't supposed to- and that's the coolest part. Summer has no collective sound, but a whole melting pot of them. Hope you'll watch the list grow as summer ensues and listen a time or twenty :).


Summer sounds like the whir of windows rolling down as bare feet rest on the floorboards and sweat sticks legs to leather seats, like whistling wind in sails and splashes of lifejackets hitting the blue.

Summer sounds like the buzz of fireflies lighting the way on dusky neighborhood walks, the clap of hopeful hands over mason jars to ensnare those flickering bugs, the snap of stems as dirty fingers pluck crimson clovers near the roadside.

Summer sounds like strums blaring through tinny laptop speakers as jewelry clanks and eyelashes flutter at the touch of mascara, like the creak of pier planks beneath feet dancing in moonlit unison.

Summer sounds like ripply waves crashing and thunder rolling, porch's screen door clattering, the repetitive flip of dusty book pages, the gathering of droplets around an icy glass of late-night lemonade. 

Summer sounds like voices blending whilst content in idleness, like the inevitable swish of dollar bills being exchanged for cones topped with colored sprinkles, like life spilling onto life from sheer nearness.

Summer sounds like these songs on a loop, the soundtrack of the scenes depicted (and more), lips locked or mimicking every word, and I hope with all I've got that summer sounds like this for you too.