this was my favorite month in recent history; anyone who’s had a conversation with me recently likely knows that. i started creating again: songs, poems, big ideas at 2am. i kind of started to like black coffee (!!), spent warm nights and days on porches with friends i love; i cried alone in a movie theatre, i treated myself to ‘dinner for one’, i decided to go through a late Death Cab phase. overall, i was more glad about life than i was last month. spring tends to have that sort of effect.

i had magical moments with several records: Little Image's "Musings" on a long ride home, Andy Shauf's "The Party" on a late-night grocery run, Soccer Mommy's "Clean" alone on my porch, Liza Anne's long-awaited "Fine, But Dying" sitting in the Whole Foods parking garage, of all places.

March ended on a saturday morning, a random gathering of friends at Dozen-- March ended with a deeper sense of gratefulness. these daily photos have really meant a lot to me. if anyone's followed along with my year in film, or been in front of my lens, i hope they've meant something to you too.

- L

i started using my old camera again; most of these turned out the way i hoped; some of them didn't. regardless, this is a roll i'm proud of.