the month of the flash! i found another camera for $2 at a thrift store and decided to give it a chance. you can tell that i never quite got used to its subtle shutter (hence several completely out of focus shots), but also some of this camera's settings worked out in my favor: like i got to adequately document life at night for the first time during this project, and i feel ok about how a few of those shots turned out.

life-wise, this month was a weird one. saw more shows than usual, moved rooms in my house, got to feel the sun’s warmth (finally!) during bike rides and porch nights, finished a journal. there were a lot of days i felt oddly closed off, and listened to Hussey and Soccer Mommy over and over. on feb. 28, i jokingly said that i’d wake up happy on march 1— turns out, it was kind of true!

seven months into taking a photo a day, give or take, i'm starting to notice some consistencies. amidst all that's new, there's a repetition in who i spend time with, in where we choose to hang out. and it's not lost on me how rare and beautiful it is to have people and places that feel like home, when i let them. these photos are reminders that i don't have to fight the world alone- i don't think any of us do.

Margaret Atwood said it best: February- get rid of death. celebrate increase. make it be spring.

- L