this month was unintentionally short. i used a roll of expired fuji in my other pentax camera in an effort to get excited about this project again, and forgot it was 24 exposures instead of 36.  i also forget how damn long this camera’s exposure is. hellloooo blurry and out of focus shots. admittedly not my favorite roll i've shot, with a few exceptions. 

ok enough camera talk; june was big for me! the book i’ve poured myself into became a reality. i acknowledged that i’m writing poems i am proud of, and i’m no longer afraid to say so. i dyed my hair blonde. i started going to bed early again. i listened to honne, churvches and middle kids. 

lastly, something i noticed: there were a few photos people made me be in, without holding the camera. usually i’ll leave my drink or my bag in my place, framing it in the photo to denote my presence. but i never really let anyone take hold of the camera before. it felt unnatural, but good to remember that i’m a key player in my own life. 

one month left of these photos— i’m proud to have stuck with something i said i’d do.

- L