well, we’ve made it. an entire year in film, give or take. july was supposed to be the grand coda of this project. a year of sticking to something i said i’d do and keeping it fun. so i decided to shoot two rolls for the last month. you know when a book is so good that you want to keep reading but you never want it to end? that’s the feeling i wanted to lean into. so there’s a “dessert roll” as my friend tyler called it. 

turns out two photos a day is harder than one. it was harder to focus on making good images when i knew i had to take two. and then, there were a lot of opportunities i missed because i was in the moment; i think i’m glad for that. 

july was a whirlwind of normalcy, unmet expectations, anger. real hope that my dreams (whatever they are) are in reach. turning 23, and feeling like a kid again at shows. it was growing up, dancing in public, and relearning the art of relaxation.

and like i said, july was meant to be the end. but one night my friend ellie said something so casually profound, convincing me to do this for another year without even trying to. so, this has been year 1. now onto year 2!

with my utmost gratitude, thank you for being here.